Monday, 4 April 2011

The first one

Well now, my very first blog. This will be a quickie as I am suffering from Man Flu today *cough cough*
Sitting in the office of my gallery, and it's quiet! Waiting for the tourist season to start.
If anyone per-chance happens to stumble across this then please say hi....I am quite friendly once fed,


  1. Fancy seeing you here. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Hi Mac,

    Good luck with the new blog. Hope you manage to post more often than I do.

  3. Hello Mac! It's been quite a time for the Mans - Man Flu, Man Utd, Man City. Hope you get on better than Utd!

  4. Can't be doing too badly - you already have more followers than me! I have three. But then, two of them are me. Feel free to pop by if you get the urge, as the conversation runs out quickly when it's largely with yourself... plus, it gets drafty.
    Hope your blogging life takes off!